Futuregames Game Artist

Bunden | Malmö

Character or environment art, UI or animation - get the experience you need to work with 3D graphics in the games industry!

Omfattning 550 YH-poäng (ca 3 år)

Examen Yrkeshögskoleexamen

CSN-berättigad Ja

Undervisningsspråk Svenska och engelska

Studietakt 100%

Kvalifikationsnivå (SeQF) 5

Studerandeavgift Nej

Nästa utbildningsstart

4 september 2023

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Sista ansökningsdatum

3 maj 2023

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1 augusti 2024

Om utbildningen

This program offers hands-on development experience in game art, allowing you to enter the industry with credibility and pursue your passion for character art, environment art, special effects, UI, or animation. Whether you are most dedicated to one or several of these areas, the program will ignite your creativity and help you achieve your goals.

Located in Malmö.
*2,5 years (5 terms/semesters).
*30 weeks of internship (LIA).
*Specialization semester.
*Degree: Higher Vocational Education Diploma.

Meeting industry needs – Our new games development specializations!

At Futuregames we always try to adjust our courses to the needs of the games industry. As we think everybody understands games development is becoming increasingly specialised. For this reason, we are now launching an updated format for our Game Artist, Game Designer and Game Programmer educations adding the additional six months of specialization. This year, Game Artist Specialization is being offered in Malmö.

In the new version of these educations, students will pick between one of two possible areas of specialization in the fourth semester of their education allowing them to prepare even better for their internships. New courses have been designed to support these specialized roles and each class will divide into two groups to accommodate this. There is still plenty of scope in the education for you to develop your own individual talent and professional skills but by dividing the class we will be able to even better support you in your future career.

Specializations in Game Artist
- Environment artist – by choosing this specialized role you will get a thorough understanding of the creation of animation friendly props, how to create interactive environments and get a deeper knowledge of texturing, scale, perspective and lighting. You will get the necessary skills to create complex backgrounds, layouts, props and environments using industry standard tools.

- Character artist – in this specialization you will gain a deeper understanding of anatomy, proportions and form, character rigging and animation and advanced knowledge of and technical proficiency in industry standard software. You will be able to produce and optimize high quality characters in 3D. You will also get an understanding of the complexity of characters and the uses of a character’s personality.

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