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A guide through the basics of animation all the way to the skills you need to direct your own innovative motion concepts.

Omfattning 545 YH-poäng (ca 2,5 år)

Examen Yrkeshögskoleexamen

CSN-berättigad Ja

Undervisningsspråk Engelska

Studietakt 100%

Kvalifikationsnivå (SeQF) 5

Studerandeavgift Nej

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5 augusti 2024

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15 april 2024

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Immerse yourself in the world of motion graphics
The Motion Designer program will guide you through the basics of animation all the way to the skills you need to direct your own innovative motion concepts. You will immerse yourself in the world of motion graphics, guided by industry professionals, to become an expert creator of groundbreaking visual experiences.

Join the motion industry
The motion industry is constantly evolving. Make sure you learn how to keep up with trends and ensure your skills are up-to-date. Plan your learning according to your personal development plan in collaboration with the industry. Explore global trends in the motion industry: trends, work methods, processes, roles and who the big players are.

Get the know-how
Regardless of whether you have previous experience or not, the program covers a wide array of skills. From the crafts of analogue visual expression to the tools and software relevant to motion graphics on film, video and mobile platforms.

The Motion Designer program covers the entire spectrum of skills you need to launch a career in the motion industry. No previous experience is required to succeed. The program consists of 90 weeks of studies in our Karlskrona campus and 19 weeks of internship anywhere in the world.

Explore and create
This program is built on explorations of the motion industry. During the first weeks, you will be introduced to a number of tools needed to support your work on projects and courses. You will be trained in techniques and software used in the motion industry. These include: principles of animation, stop motion, research and documentation, principles of film directing, storyboarding, graphic design principles, life drawing, and basics of character design.

Hands-on techniques
Experiment with different craft techniques. These include design principles, storytelling, storyboarding, life drawing, principles of animation, stop-motion, character design and animation, CEL-animation, 2D-vector animation and 3D animation.
Learn to work with a range of different, industry relevant software – both in workshops and exercises.
Hyper Island provides the complete Adobe suite and Cinema 4D.

Develop and pitch
Learn to master tools and methods for concept development and visual presentation. You will work with outlines and ideas to develop and present motion design concepts with a focus on brand and target group. You will also learn how to sell these concepts to collaborators and stakeholders.

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