Options in higher vocational education

There are several options for higher vocational education (HVE) qualifications and their arrangements. We are working on getting all courses and study programmes into our search engine, but in the meantime we ask you to use the links below to get information about the entire range.

Study programmes

A higher vocational education study programme comprises at least 100 HVE credits, which corresponds to six months of full-time studies. Most programmes are 1–2 years long and include practice, LIA (Learning in a work environment). Programmes comprising 200 HVE credits or more can lead to a diploma.

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YH flex (Flexible HVE)

A faster and more flexible path to graduation for those who already have professional knowledge that corresponds to a significant part of a programme.

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HVE courses comprise a maximum of 99 HVE credits, which corresponds to six months of full-time studies. Mainly aimed at those who are already working and wish to add more skills or are in need of a change.

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Single courses

Sometimes it is possible to apply for parts of a programme. Some schools offer this alternative when there are vacant places of study.

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Contract education

Companies, public actors and other organisations may purchase all or parts of an HVE programme as contract education.

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Study guidance

If you need advice from a study and career guidance counsellor, you should contact your local city council services in adult education or the Public Employment