How does it work?

A programme normally has several periods of workplace training (LIA). These periods make up approximately 25% of programme content.

Workplace training gives the students the opportunity – even during their studies – to learn a great deal about the profession they are aiming for and offers an opportunity to combine theory with practice. At the same time, the employer has the opportunity to get to know a po­tential future employee.

Workplace training provides excellent opportunities to build up a network of contacts with potential employers.


Higher Vocational Education is at a post-secondary level.

Programme length

Programme duration is from six months and up. Most are between one and two years in duration.

Credit system

Duration is specified through HVE-credits (YH-poäng), where five credits correspond to one week of full-time studies. 100 HVE-credits correspond to six months of full-time studies, 200 HVE-credits to one year of full-time studies, 400 HVE-credits to two years of full-time studies etc.

Students may not automatically transfer credits from an HVE programme into further studies at university. Each university has the right to decide whether credits can be transferred or not.


In order for an HVE programme to result in an award on grad­uation, it must have a minimum duration of one year.

The following awards exist:

  • Higher Vocational Education Diploma (Yrkeshögskoleexamen)
  • Advanced Higher Vocational Education Diploma (Kvalificerad yrkeshögskoleexamen)

The Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education

The Swedish National Agency for HVE has regulatory oversight of the programmes. There is a specific law and an ordinance regulating the operations of the Swedish National Agency for HVE and of providers of HVE. There are also ordinances which regulate both provider obligations and programme design. The Swedish National Agency for HVE inspects and audits the quality of the programmes and handles student feedback and complaints.

For more information about the operations of the Swedish National Agency for HVE,  go to

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