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An 80-week program that enables you to help companies effectively run projects within AI.

Omfattning 400 YH-poäng (ca 2 år)

Examen Yrkeshögskoleexamen

CSN-berättigad Ja

Undervisningsspråk Engelska

Studietakt 100%

Kvalifikationsnivå (SeQF) 5

Studerandeavgift Nej

Nästa utbildningsstart

7 augusti 2023

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11 april 2023

Om utbildningen

Translate and tailor technology’s potential

Today, many of the world’s most prominent organizations are looking to invest in talent that will act as a bridge between business opportunities and technical opportunities.

With artificial intelligence (AI), the speed, accuracy, and effectiveness of human efforts are enhanced. But the role of the human is still hugely important, particularly in customizing AI solutions to benefit business operations. This is especially apparent when it comes to safeguarding the fun and creative roles humans have in matchmaking machines with the tasks at hand.

In the role of an artificial intelligence business consultant, you will be well positioned to advise on the best development direction for organizations to utilize their business intelligence. Imagine having the confidence to use AI to simplify processes through automation with the goals of expansion and employee development. And then make it a reality.

Solve business challenges and gain a competitive advantage

This artificial intelligence program empowers you with the ability to determine when artificial intelligence can be used as a true competitive advantage. It is suitable for beginners who take great interest in the role of artificial intelligence in a business context.

From day one, you’ll get an understanding of the technical conditions required to complete a business project within AI. Thereafter, you’ll build on your skill set by spotting the trends in digital business and becoming an immensely valuable asset to clients that want to make a positive difference. Ultimately, you’ll be able to future proof yourself for the ever-changing career path that lies ahead.

Hyper Island will help you to ground expectations in reality as an AI business consultant. You’ll gain the expertise required to execute AI models and tools to effectively start and run processes and complete projects within AI.

Communicate conclusions, commitments and solutions

The program will provide the knowledge and skills required to help you launch your career as an AI business consultant. Through continuous planning and performing world analyses, you can help identify current and upcoming trends and business opportunities related to AI and Machine learning.

You’ll spend 53 weeks at our Stockholm campus, plus 27 weeks doing an internship anywhere in the world.

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