Digital Media Creative

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Explore the latest trends in design, technology, strategy and entrepreneurship, all with a focus on creativity and communication for the digital world

Omfattning 450 YH-poäng (ca 2,5 år)

Examen Yrkeshögskoleexamen

CSN-berättigad Ja

Undervisningsspråk Engelska

Studietakt 100%

Kvalifikationsnivå (SeQF) 5

Studerandeavgift Nej

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1 augusti 2022

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Start your career

Embark on a truly immersive learning journey where you will be exploring topics from Design & Technology to Strategy & Project Management. The Digital Media Creative program aims to provide the students with a holistic perspective on digital media while at the same time offer the opportunity to form a more in-depth specialization so that each individual student is ready to launch their career after completing the program.

Get a broad skillset to enable your growth

Students from all walks of life join the Digital Media Creative to kickstart their career within the creative industries. Be ready to explore the broad field of digital media and learn an array of new skills ranging from coding, facilitation, pitching, design, marketing to business strategy.

Course content:

Learning by doing

Led by industry heavyweights from around the globe, Digital Media Creative program is an “action learning” (learning-by-doing and learning-by-reflection) program, where it has been designed precisely to foster talents that will meet the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow. You will be immersed in collaborative and high-energy learning environments that mirror the modern workplace dynamics. Surrounded by a diverse set of talent and industry experts from all over the world, you will get a chance to create solutions based on real briefs set by real clients.

Challenge yourself

We seek people who are interested and curious in developing their design, technological, management and entrepreneurial skills. We look for those who want to be constantly challenged, eager to respond to real briefs set by real clients, based upon their real business needs. You will also be challenged grow both professionally and personally by practicing self-leadership, grasping the inner workings of group dynamics and constantly acquiring new tools and knowledge to develop your abilities.

Create value based solutions for the digital age

The world of Digital Media spans across multi-disciplines and has seemingly limitless boundaries. Here, you will be taking a deep dive into this ever-changing world by examining trends and tinkering with exciting new technologies to create value based solutions.

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