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Advance your design career by becoming a world-class visual storyteller and bringing your designs to life.

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9 augusti 2021

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8 augusti 2022

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Master storytelling

Motion Creative is our answer to the rising demand for motion graphics across industries. Advance your skills in animation, conceptualization and ideation to become a modern digital storyteller that brings designs to life.

Level up your design game

Complement and expand your design toolbox with industry insights and hands-on practice creating graphics for software, film, video and mobile platforms.

Develop new skills:

Over 45-weeks of intense learning and hands-on experience, Motion Creative program will give you the chance to develop the skills and knowledge you need to transform your design career.

We recommend previous design experience in order to succeed in this program. You will receive 30 weeks of full-time study on our Stockholm campus, followed by a 15-week internship at the organization of your choice.

Learn to work the motion design funnel

A creative is only as good as their pitch. Learn how to take your ideas to the next level by making them easily accessible to others. Learn skills such as how to find a relevant target group, how to justify motion designs for clients, how to effectively project manage your designs and how to optimize the motion production process.

Work across industries

The demand for motion graphics professionals is constantly rising. After taking this program, you will be able to work across industries and explore where your skills can take you. You’ll have the ability to take on exciting roles such as concept creator, motion designer, art director and video editor.

Fact-based storytelling

Learn how to tell the right stories. Use ideation to create solid creative concepts, and learn to develop them further. Immerse yourself into industry trends to create compelling stories that meet your client’s needs today and tomorrow. Learn to work with diverse tools and software such as AfterEffects, Photoshop, Cinema4D, Resolume, Houdini and Unity.

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